Mod Packs for Kerbal Space Program

Eyes Turned skyward alternate history pack

All of these mods are supported for 1.11.2. Another great mod to have is MechJeb2. You can find the timeline here:


Kerbal Space Program+



Here are my suitcombos, for you to download!!

Super epic mod pack

Working Underwater Lite

A config pack that gives you the tools to sink and neutralise buoyancy while you are out and about, Do the same for your Kerbals. Provides marine engines that work well under water but not above. A Marine command chair that you can attach things to like the underwater RCS thruster blocks and micro jet. It has a built in battery and ballast tank to sink and neutralise the buoyancy of the chair, While producing the Ion Steam the chair thrusters and microjet use. Several sizes of ballast tank that have both fast fill/empty and fine trim fill/empty to get your balance just right. A micro docking port that you can attach to the bottom of the chair and the subs so that the chair can dock with them. Different sizes and styles of Intake Water intakes that are required for the different sizes of sub engines and the Sub Rcs thrusters to operate. As a bonus there is an E.M.U command chair and chair thrusters for more comprehensive space walks. It comes with a battery and monopropellant supply to run the RCS thrusters. Both types of command chair come with a built in work light and a Mechjeb core that will work if you have that mod. There is also a small intake That will trickle charge monopropellant in an oxygen atmosphere for those who like VTOL aircraft. ALL OF THIS WORKS WITH STOCK KSP MODELS AND TEXTURES, THERE ARE NO PATCHES OR OUTSIDE DEPENDENCIES. MECHJEB2 IS NOT REQUIRED FOR THE CHAIRS TO WORK IT IS JUST A BONUS. I hope you will enjoy Working Underwater.

list of mods i have that are very cool


My first pack

Near Future Spaceprogram

Mods I Run In KSP

All mods here I personally run in my copy of KSP

SpaceNerdHayden's KSP Mod pack

Modpack I made for myself. Enjoy, but be warned, might not be stable.

Extreme Modpack More than 22 Mods

Core Essentials

A very usefull set of mods to help guide your rocket to the correct planet or maybe even land it!

2021 Essentials

Interstellar Mod Pack V2

NOTE Im just adding stuff to FreeThinker's Mod Pack

Mods Included

KSP interstellar extended

Interstellar Fuel Switch


Photon Sailor

Filter Extensions

Far Future Technologies


Waterfall: NOTE waterfall isnt available on spacedock download from ksp forum