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30 worlds. 10 modders. Built in one week.

License: CC-BY-NC-SA

Game Version: 1.12.3

Downloads: 434

Author: GregroxMun

Mod Website: Forum Thread

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This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.

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A collaboration between ten contributors to create a Kerbal Space Program planet mod within the span of one week.

On 2022 August 14, at the behest of @Techo, ten planet builders on the Gregrox Mods discord server came together to build a solar system together within one week, in an event called the Week World Planet Jam. We present the results of this collaboration here. The Sauwel system contains 9 planetary systems comprising 30 celestial bodies. Aside from a few initial conditions, each contributor created their planet blind, with no spoilers or hints about the other contributors' work. The system is therefore an interesting mix of different styles of planet design, resulting in a system where every planet is something of a unique oddball.

Mod dependencies:


  • Luna Gregoria (GregroxMun) - The central star Sauwel, layout of system orbits and masses, Scatterer sun lens flare, cloud map for planet d, project lead.
  • WarriorSabe - Planet b (2 objects), Scatterer sun lens flare.
  • Wolf Rayet (Exo's Lab) - Planet c (8 objects), cloud map for planet d, project lead.
  • Adstri - Planet d (1 object), polar ice caps on planet e.
  • Techo - Planet e (3 objects), project lead.
  • Marshall (Myth) - Planet f (3 objects).
  • Caps Lock - Planet g (3 objects).
  • Tholin - Planet h (6 objects).
  • CIOCIA (Cloverdove) - Planet i (1 object).
  • Jo (JoQueebious) - Planet j (2 objects).

System layout:

The Sauwel planetary system contains a total of 30 objects, including one star and three gas giants, split up into nine orbits. Result is a system of similar complexity to the real-world Solar System, but with a unique layout and some strange and interesting planets.

Screenshot of the layout of the inner system: A screenshot of Kerbal Space Program with Week World Planet Jam installed. A yellow star is at the center, with three concentric circular orbits indicated close in, a slightly elliptical orbit slightly farther out, and two very elliptical orbits. The two very elliptical orbits are pointing away from each other, with their apoapsis on the opposite side of the star.

Screenshot of the layout of the outer system: A zoomed out version of the above. about twice as far away from the star as the apoapsis of the elliptical orbit from the previous image, is a circular orbit, and beyond that are two very elliptical orbits.


  • Sauwel b Elaan
    • Sauwel b I Askilos
  • Sauwel c Reticulum
    • Sauwel c I Ribo
    • Sauwel c II Golgi
    • Sauwel c III Lyso
    • Sauwel c IV Cytosel
  • Sauwel ct Asite Par (trailing Reticulum Trojan)
  • Sauwel cg Yroptos (leading Reticulum Trojan/Greek)
    • Sauwel cg I Exular
  • Sauwel d Windswept
  • Sauwel e Caen
    • Sauwel e I Ovoidun
    • Sauwel e II Menea
  • Sauwel f Avu
    • Sauwel f I Ein
    • Sauwel f II Aire
  • Sauwel g Diredul
    • Sauwel g I Mindo
    • Sauwel g II Awoy
  • Sauwel h Ildebra
    • Sauwel h I Noir
    • Sauwel h II Kalt
    • Sauwel h III Tris
    • Sauwel h IV Nik
    • Sauwel h V Nak
  • Sauwel i Iridel
  • Sauwel j Merune
    • Sauwel j I Erica


Week World Planet Jam

Please provide attribution both to Week World Planet Jam, and to the modder whose work you are using.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0

Version 0.8 for Kerbal Space Program 1.12.3

Released on 2022-09-28

Planets * Add AtmosphereFromGround (stock up-close atmosphere visuals) to Avu. * Fix a bug where Avu would go transparent at certain altitudes; Avu will now remain opaque from any altitude. * Even less placeholdery atmosphere for Windswept. About the same pressure and height, but now with well-defined pressure and temperature curves and a canon atmospheric composition. * Regenerate scaledspace cache on Caen, Menea, and Ovoidun, to account for a change made before v0.7.

Scatterer * Add scatterer atmospheres for Windswept, Avu, and Erica. * Note: In WWPJ's SETTINGS.cfg is an option to use a cloudless map for Windswept. This isn't a new feature, but it works well with Windswept's scatterer integration. * Tweak scatterer atmospheres for Ildebra and Noir to make them a little more consistent. * Roughly half the scale height on Mindo's scatterer atmosphere visuals.

Career Integration * Reduce the AntennaRange to 30% of stock. (antenna range can be increased in the game settings if you want it back to normal) * Fix the default Asite Par science values so they are no longer comically high. (Fixing career progression) * Make Asite Par science values dependant upon homeworld mode. (They are higher when homeworld is set to Kerbin) * Make it impossible to generate ore contracts for Sauwel, Askilos, Diredul, Ildebra, and Merune. * Change some names involved in contracts.

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Version 0.7 for Kerbal Space Program 1.12.3

Released on 2022-09-23

No changelog provided

Download (759.49 MiB)

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