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本模组采用CC BY-NC-ND 4.0协定




Wanhu Studio 本次发布的为长征十一商业Ⅰ型和商业Ⅱ型的改进版本。在RSS环境下,将长征十一的运载能力提升到了5吨,轨道分别为3000公里SSO(商业Ⅰ型)和4500公里SSO(商业Ⅱ型)。值得一提的是,商业Ⅰ型和商业Ⅱ型在Wanhu Studio看来仅为火箭第四级的变化。商业Ⅰ型的第四级沿用前面三级的新型固体燃料发动机,商业Ⅱ型则改用新型液体燃料发动机,增加了至少1000dv,为更大载荷和精确变轨提供了可能。此外,Wanhu Studio 为长征十一提供了直径为160厘米和200厘米的两款整流罩,为更多类型,更多种类的载荷提供了解决方案。

注意事项: 1、推荐使用 Kerbal Joint Reinforcement 以避免一些不必要的错误。 2、不支持Real Fuel这个模组,如果你有兴趣,可以联系920538137@qq.com以提供相应的技术支持。 3、本模组目前只支持简体中文,且暂不开放本地化授权。

This module adopts CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 agreement

Copyright and interpretation rights belong to Wanhu Studio

Reprinted mark of: 万户 or Wanhu (English)

The Long March 11 carrier rocket is a new four-stage all-solid-state carrier rocket developed by the China Academy of Carrier Rocket Technology Research Institute (the First Academy of Aerospace) affiliated to China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. The rocket is mainly used for fast mobile launch of emergency satellites to meet the needs of microsatellite launches in emergency situations such as natural disasters and emergencies.The Long March 11 carrier rocket uses new solid fuels and cold launch technologies to minimize launch preparation time and maintenance costs, opening up space for cheap spaceflight.

Wanhu Studio released an improved version of the Long March Eleven Commercial Type I and Commercial Type II. In the RSS environment, the carrying capacity of the Long March 11 was increased to 5 tons, and the tracks were 3000 km SSO (commercial type I) and 4500 km SSO (commercial type II).It is worth mentioning that the commercial type I and commercial type II are only the fourth-level changes of the rocket in Wanhu Studio's view. The fourth stage of the commercial type I uses the new solid fuel engine of the previous three stages, while the commercial type II uses the new liquid fuel engine, which increases at least 1000dv, which provides the possibility for larger loads and precise orbital changes.In addition, Wanhu Studio provided two fairings with a diameter of 160 cm and 200 cm for Long March 11, providing solutions for more types and loads.

Precautions: 1. It is recommended to use Kerbal Joint Reinforcement to avoid unnecessary errors. 2. Real Fuel is not supported. If you are interested, you can contact 920538137@qq.com to provide corresponding technical support. 3. This module currently only supports Simplified Chinese, and localization authorization is not open for the time being.

Version 1.1 for Kerbal Space Program 1.11.1

Released on 2020-04-20

1、重新整理了文件位置; 2、微调了尾焰大小。

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Version 1.0 for Kerbal Space Program 1.9.1

Released on 2020-03-11

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